Professional Safe Repairs in Brisbane

Armour Lock & Security are your Local Brisbane Locksmiths with considerable expertise in safes. With over 30 years’ experience working with all types of safes, cabinets and documents boxes, we have the knowledge & expertise to fix all types of safe faults… fast!

Have you just arrived home or to your office and found your safe has been broken into, or damaged? Alternatively, you have lost your keys or combination. Perhaps the lock on your safe has failed. No matter what your issue, Armour Lock & Security be there quickly with the right equipment and experience to secure your possessions once again. Put us to the test! Call Now…. Our mobile safe workshop is on the road 24/7

Safe Locksmiths in Brisbane

Can’t get your safe open in Brisbane? Maybe you have lost the combination or keys, or the door has jammed? Opening locked safes requires expert knowledge. Inexperienced hands are highly likely to damage your safe and cost you thousands in repair or replacements fees. Armour Lock & Security know how to open your safe without any damage to mechanisms or doors & hinges.

Once your safe has been cracked, we can supply new keys, combinations or locking mechanisms/keypads, to minimise the chance of you having further safe opening issues.

Don’t wait… Call Now! We can be there fast to help you retrieve your documents or possessions with a minimum of fuss.

Armour lock & Security technicians are holders of CERT III in security technology (locksmith) with the senior tech and director over 35 years’ experience as a locksmith in Queensland’s South East Region.

Armour lock & Security also complies with Qld Security Providers Act and holds the firm and individual licences issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

Common Safe Faults

  • Incorrect combination changing
  • Misuse
  • Worn out or broken parts
  • Incorrect fitting of the lock
  • Lack of servicing

Mechanical problems also can occur within the bolt work, relockers, cables, glass, hinges and door alignment.

For most people, problems occur when changing the safe combination. This should only be completed while the door to your safe is open. We recommend you check the new codes at least 4 times before closing the door.

The second most common problem with safe is the lock not opening efficiently, It you have to jiggle or tweak the lock, this is a sign your lock is malfunctioning. The time to fix this is now! Often the problem becomes worse as the lock deteriorates, and eventually you will not be able to open the safe at all.

Expertise in All Types of Safes

We are here to help. Armour Lock & Security have expertise in all types of safes including (but not limited to)

  • Document safes
  • Home safes
  • Jewellers safes
  • Office document safes
  • Strongroom doors
  • Data safes
  • Vault doors

All the above safes and doors have different security features such as

  • key operated
  • dial type
  • Electronic locks
  • Safe Servicing

    Prevention is always better than a cure. Regularly servicing your safe will ensure it is unlikely to malfunction. We recommend you service your safe at least once a year.

    Most dial type safe locks consist of very fine parts with high tolerances that are very susceptible to malfunctioning due to penetration of dust, moisture or misuse. These are the most common elements contributing to a safe failure or lockout. Regularly safe servicing will keep your safe in top working order, and most importantly, allow you to protect and access your precious possessions with no problems.

    Safe Lock Upgrades

    Are you looking at upgrading your old dial type with a new electronic keypad? Armour Lock & Security are experts in safe modifications. We have the expertise to modify, change or repair any type of safe locking mechanism.

    Armour Lock & Security will service and/or repair your safe lock and bolt mechanisms to original manufacturer specifications and industry standards. This will ensure your safe works first time, every time. Call us now on 0401310505 to arrange a free quote.

    Fire & Burglar Proof Safes

    Safe, cabinets or boxes can also have a fire rating for sensitive documents and data (usb drives and portable hard drives) and you should choose very carefully when deciding on what type of safe or cabinet is right for you.

    Data safes or boxes are very good at keeping your precious items safe during a fire but rarely have the features required preventing burglary. On the other, a quality burglary safe may not have any or little fire resistance. Please contact your local licensed locksmith for information on the safe that is right for you.

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